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Investing money is an important part of your long term financial plan. Clients tend to adopt a product-led approach to investing rather than seeking a ‘best advice’ approach to investment decisions. Where and how you choose to invest will have a direct impact on the return generated by the investment.

Your financial goals, investment experience, time horizon and attitude to risk all have a bearing on which options are suitable for you. At Capital Options we tailor specific investment solutions that are exclusive and bespoke to you alone.

There are a few things to consider when choosing how and where to invest your capital or regular savings:


The return or growth you can expect to get from your investment is generally related to the risks you are prepared to take with your capital. The more risk you are prepared to take the greater the potential for higher returns. Each asset class (equities, property, bonds and cash) historically show different levels of return and not always positive. Diversification through a combination of asset classes is generally the best investment strategy for most investors.


Do you need to get access to your money during the life time of the investment? Are you planning to leave it untouched for the full duration of the investment term? Do you have access to funds in the event of a financial emergency? These decisions impact on what are the most suitable investments decisions for your funds.


Very simply, how much of your investment are you prepared to potentially lose?  In general, an investment in assets such as equities or property that have no capital security can perform better over the longer term. If you invest in a deposit account that provides capital security (subject to the rules governing the Deposit Guarantee Scheme), then your expected rate of return will be much lower.

As an investor there are numerous investment options available to you. In fact the choice is so varied that the need for professional advice and guidance has never been more important. Some of the options available are as follows:

  • Guaranteed Investments – structured products and capital protected funds
  • Unit-Linked Funds – these include managed funds, property funds and absolute return strategy funds and generate potentially higher returns than guaranteed investments
  • Direct Investment – purchase assets directly including equities and bonds

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