How We Are Paid

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How we are paid

Financial advice from a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional needs to be paid for.

However, you do have a choice as to how you wish us to be remunerated. Where a product or service is purchased as a result of our advice, we can either take a fee from the product provider or you can pay us a fee based on a pre-agreed hourly rate. The choice is entirely yours.

Capital Options can be remunerated as follows:

Upfront and Ongoing Remuneration Charging Structure

Commission based remuneration will be by way of an upfront fee paid to Capital Options from the product provider as a percentage of the initial investment and/or by way of an ongoing fund based annual fee paid by the product provider to Capital Options as a percentage of the investment. This fee may be levied on top of the product providers Annual Management Fee. All upfront and ongoing fees will be advised and agreed in advance with the client.

Fee-based remuneration

If you would rather pay us a pre-agreed hourly rate for our service, we will agree the time upfront and keep a record of the time we spent working for you by way of a fee account.

Our hourly rate is currently €180 + VAT (when applicable).

For further information on our remuneration policy, please do not hesitate to contact Capital Options.

Whichever payment option you decide upon, we remain committed to providing you with clear, honest and personal financial advice.

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